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Unlock Brand Potential

Brand Visioning & Marketing

We work with brands to define their competitive edge and successfully shift their internal strategy framework to unlock their sales potential.

How we can help

We uncover businesses’ true competitive edge

  • Our work is the DNA that transforms brands into magnetic destinations inside their categories.
  • Our work has helped organizations of all sizes achieve brand clarity and realize their higher purpose.
  • Our work has helped brands shorten their sales cycle and attract a greater breadth of customers.
  • Our work has helped non-profit organizations attract greater donations.


What Clients Are Saying

See how the 365 Brand Strategy Process brought brand focus and clarity on a philosophical, organizational, and financial level for our clients.


Margo is an immensely talented and brilliant brand strategist. Her work is her mission and that means every project is a calling, a purpose in life. Having her work on our brand with the level of empathy and deep understanding she has, in turn meant our brand went beyond the nuts and bolts - she helped senior leadership realize the vision we had - and she paved the way for clients to desire the feeling we were selling.

Kaneez Jaffer

CHRP, CHRL, HRIS Director, Apri Insurance Services, JungoHR


Margo's approach to the branding challenge we faced was exceptional. The methodology and collaborative approach was exactly what was needed for our organization. Through active listening, she was able to get to the core of the issues and help articulate the higher purpose of what we do. Mixing science and art in the workshop that followed the research, Margo challenged the group and was able to bring alignment among the many participants - who felt engaged and energized by the possibilities.

Sylvie Pelletier

CMO, Food Banks Canada

Our Leadership

Margo Jay is a Master Brand Strategist. With a career working for globally recognized brands across North America, Margo launched 365, a company built to drive competitive advantage for its clients.

Margo’s success came from the realization that brands must understand their subconscious purpose to truly differentiate themselves. Using the Living Brand Model — that successful brands anticipate and evolve while staying true to their roots — Margo helps organizations embrace change and growth. Regardless of location, size, industry, or category, 365 Clients continue to prove the merits of the Living Brand model.

When marketers turn to this model, the newfound consumer connection, engagement, shared values, pride and mutual ownership is directly translated into sales results.

To find a brand’s true competitive advantage, this model finds the root of brand loyalty and the deeper purpose for buying. Facilitating these brand transformations, built from a brand’s unique identity is the purpose that drives 365.

Connect With Us

We work with companies around the world. Our offices are located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, minutes from Pearson International Airport.

We post articles, white papers, and videos through social media a few times a week. We aim to inspire. Please follow us at:

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