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Our Services

The 365 Brand Strategy Process

Find the package that works for you.

Brand Clarity in One Meeting

  • Access to a Marketing & Strategic expert 24/7/365 without large or long-term engagement fees.

  • We have thousands of hours of strategy and marketing experience helping business leaders solve problems, transform sales strategies and answer any and all branding, creative and product development questions.

This service is especially good for entrepreneurs or start-ups who need quick answers to keep moving forward.


Answers to the right questions so you can keep going.

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Brand Focus in 1-2 Weeks

  • Create the foundation for your brand. Develop a well defined and differentiated positioning that creates focus on your brand’s message.

  • Define: Positioning Statement, Mission/Vision Statement, Brand DNA, Core Values, Brand Personality, Unique Selling Proposition or DSI (dominant selling idea), Brand Identity, Competitor Brand Analysis, Target Audience Personas.


A defined and unified brand playbook built to optimize sales strategy and marketing plans.

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Brand Inspiration in 2 Weeks

  • Hear from your best customers. Collaborate. Brainstorm. Provoke. Learn language, sensitivities, and truths. We carefully moderate sessions with your customers and your stakeholders.

  • Remove barriers and allow decision makers to collaborate directly with customers and build personal understanding and confidence.

Have powerful and enlightening conversations with underserved customer groups directly. Get feedback in the early stages of innovation, creative development, communication, packaging design and strategy development. Nothing is more powerful than to see, feel, and hear the impact of potential decisions.


Get key insights and feedback early, refine your focus, and allow yourself to be inspired.

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Brand Obsession in 2-3 Months

We create the Brand Visioning, the Blueprint

We clarify the brand purpose and meaning; the differentiating reasons why people are loyal and will buy. Then, we create a Blueprint. Rooted in profound insight into your customer's psyche, the Blueprint shapes the development of strategy and guides communication for maximum breadth and depth of sales appeal. We call this Brand Visioning.

We define Brand Resilience, the Story

Every brand makes a promise that needs to be delivered through every touchpoint and interaction. A resilient brand doesn’t just say what it will do, it actually does it. Your unique promise is in your best customers’ stories. Once triggers are discovered, we workshop the brand foundation – the key that knocks socks off and excites both customers and stakeholders alike. In other words, a raw understanding that you can’t ignore.

We deliver Brand Revelation

We know the who and the how. We make it our business to understand your potential customer, how to engage them and create consideration, and how to deliver sales results. It is Customer Centric Marketing done right.

We excel at Brand Obsession

We believe in stories that set the scene and raise the bar. We believe a strategy anchored in a brand essence will bring a brand to life like no others. It all starts with the why.


Answers to the right questions so you can keep going.

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Our Process

The Methodology

From providing strategic brand clarity, brand focus, and brand inspiration, to uncovering the essence that drives brand obsession, 365’s proprietary method helps start-ups and Fortune 500s alike breakthrough the clutter and amplify their sales potential.

We remove limitations and create insightful environments so businesses can find the root of their brand purpose and evolve their sales framework.

Let’s discuss. Let’s get clarity and crystallize your brand vision to ensure your organization leaves a lasting impact on its customers.

Unlock Brand Potential. It all starts with why!

At the end of our rigorous and proven process, you will be equipped with

  • A complete clarity to your brand’s positioning.

  • A focused, ownable and distinct selling proposition.

  • A set of shared values and corporate philosophy that connects with customers, employees, and investors.

Our model is rooted in human psychology and 25 years of global branding experience.

Our Clients’ results are achieved through the perfect intersection of raw research discovery, strategy awakening and internal stakeholder alignment with full-on motivation.

We find subconscious brand differentiators using the ValueCentered® Decision Making model pioneered by Dr. Darrel Edwards, StrategicVision Worldwide, and the Living Brand model of brand development.

Our marketing and sales philosophy has proven itself globally and is used to bring clarity, strategic insight, and full revenue potential to every business, organization, and brand that 365 has worked with.

Know your customer. Shape your future.

Connect With Us

We work with companies around the world. Our offices are located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, minutes from Pearson International Airport.

We post articles, white papers, and videos through social media a few times a week. We aim to inspire. Please follow us at:

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