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How To Build Customer Loyalty

June 08, 2022


How To Build Customer Loyalty

This is the million-dollar question (or even billion-dollar question) for Marketers: how do you build loyalty? Is it by having a good product or great customer service?

Well, it’s all about the why. Why should your customers shop with you? Why should they pick you over anyone else on the market? Why should they stick with you through thick and thin?

The answer depends on what your brands values are. To be able to convince your customers to stick with you, you need to understand the why—why does anyone buy from you vs. what you think you are selling? It’s about more than the product or service you offer. Your brand has to stand for something, so you need to make sure you’re asking yourself what that something is. If you’re not sure, then your customers probably aren’t either.

Looking at our brand values and asking why is more critical than ever. If we don’t have a good reason for our customers to stick with us through this, we’re going to find that we don’t have those customers on the other side.

Like always then—we have to remember to start with the why!

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