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Inspire Monday. My Need to Reinvigorate

June 15, 2020


Inspire Monday. My Need to Reinvigorate

Pre-Covid-19, I had spent a lot of time thinking about reinvigoration. How do we reinvigorate a brand? How do we get executives and marketing professionals re-energized in the face of customer skepticism and new tools? How do we get brands to tap into their inner essence?

 One thing I’d thought less about is my own need to reinvigorate. I didn’t recognize that my personal batteries were running on empty. But I knew enough to cut an entire afternoon out of my crazy schedule to recharge. The importance of this personal insight is that we can start to lose sight of who we are or why we do what we do. When our energy gets depleted, when we feel like we’re doing the same old thing, when we’re tired—we lose sight of ourselves.

 I was invited by a Client to attend the Collective Women’s Entrepreneur Community Meetup. It was exactly the spark I needed, and it helped me see not only how important reinvigoration is, but also how it happens—which is what I want to share with you now.

Recharging Is about the Mind and Spirit

Let’s start by looking at what we’re talking about when we say we’re “reinvigorating” ourselves. We’re often so busy, too busy, perhaps to feel like we have time to think. Maybe your to-do list is never-ending. Maybe you feel like you’re doing the same thing day in, day out, without ever accomplishing anything.

 These are good signs our energy and enthusiasm are being depleted. We need to find a way to break up the monotony, the routine that keeps us hopping.

 So, take a break, right? There’s a reason business leaders are getting on board with unlimited vacation policies. Research says taking a vacation is great for you! Not because it breaks up routine or lowers stress, though. People who come back from vacation are more productive, more energized, and more creative!

 The time away lets us experience new things, discover new perspectives—and find new solutions. As much as we’re “on vacation” or “taking a break,” we’re actually learning through new experiences that will ultimately pay off when we get back to the office.

 Sleep works in a similar way—there’s a reason people still say we should “sleep on it”before making a big decision. The situation can look so much different once we’ve had a good night’s rest. Our subconscious brain is still mulling things over, even though consciously we may not be aware. And then a brilliant idea appears. The answer becomes obvious. Meditation is another way you can tap that subconscious library, as it can also open up worlds of new possibilities. The point is simply by “disengaging,” we’re actually engaging.

 Reading a book is yet another way to recharge. It might seem like a quiet, relaxing thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, but even as we escape into the fantastical pages of a great story, we’re opening ourselves up to those new ideas and experiences. You can walk away with new ideas from a novel as much as a self-help book.

 Even exercise (playing hockey) can help us here—some might call it “moving meditation.” This is my personal go-to. Exercise feels good and builds confidence. It requires total concentration, and allows the subconscious to be free to wander a bit more. We might be able to solve the problem that’s been bugging us at work. Or we finally understand the meaning of a conversation we had a few days ago—and a new perspective with it. Exercise helps us achieve clarity and be present in the moment.

 Exercising, eating clean, and sleeping well are all crucial for our physical health too. Our physical health plays a key role in our energy levels.

 Yet, I was doing all this—and I still felt like something was missing.

Let Outside Influencers Energize Your Mind

Sometimes, the problem is we get stuck in a “bubble.” We see the same people, we go to the same websites, we read the same types of business books. If we decide to learn something new, it’s from a YouTube video or an online tutorial.

 These things can be fine on their own. But when they're all we do, we’re actually missing out—on the incredible energy from connecting with a group of diverse, talented people. The adrenaline rush from swapping insights with people with totally unique backgrounds is incredible. Sharing, problem solving, brainstorming……and as they get more excited about ideas, you become more attuned and invigorated by that passion.

 It's not just swapping ideas, though. The entire experience of walking into a room of complete strangers can be reaffirming. Plenty of us think that sounds like a total nightmare—on most days, I agree! But it’s getting out of your comfort zone and having that moment where you question why you’re there, if you’re even allowed to be there—and discovering that yeah, you are.

 Seeing that gives you permission to tap into your needs in the moment. Why are you standing there? What do you need? The surface answer might be something like, “I’m here to solve a problem for this business.” These moments are powerful and validating on what you as a human can do simply by engaging and sharing your own professional or life experiences.

 The key is to have permission to be vulnerable. And once we’re there, it can be incredibly liberating!

Discovering Purpose in Conversation with Others

Once we have that permission to be honest, it opens up a space where people will give that back to you. Your peers will also give you their authentic selves.

 That’s how people connect—and not in a here’s-my-card-give-me-a-call way. I’m talking real connections here, connections that turn into relationships that move beyond “if you ever need a hand!”

 Forming these kinds of relationships are reaffirming and reinvigorating. You see the value others bring to the table; you get excited by their ideas. You’re excited because they’re excited! You hear their problems, you feel them—and you seek solutions for those problems. In turn, these newly found kindred spirits give you back that same energy.

 That helps us see the value in what we’re doing—we’re needed, we’re appreciated, we’re helping on a human level. And we’re feeling that being reciprocated to us. From there, we can innovate and find the unique solutions we need in the moment. We can see how we can do better, how to contribute more—and maybe, possibly, we find that we want to give more too.

Reaching the Moment of Clarity

So, what happens after all this? It sounds great, but what does it do?

 It clarifies our purpose. It shows us who we are in connection to the people around us, while affirming that what we’re doing really matters. And it opens us up to those new possibilities—ideas, insights—that we might have been closed to before.

 So, what did I learn about myself in this moment? My purpose was reaffirmed: I’m here to build your brands. I’m not branding myself, creating some “spin doctor” persona. I’m doing real work that provides real value, that supports where people—and brands—need to be supported.

 And I can say what I know about myself now too: I’m a master strategist. But even more than that, I’m giving people a reason to believe in their brands and in themselves. I have the experience and the instinct; I provide vision and heart.

 These things are true; I’m not just saying them. This is what I discovered by connecting with other people who saw me—the real me, not business-me who walked into the room to give them yet another presentation.

 I walked out of this conference feeling fresh, energized—ready to tackle, well, almost anything. It was exactly what I’d needed!

 So, what can you take away from this? Sometimes, reading a book is exactly what you need. But sometimes, you need that real human connection to reaffirm your sense of self, your purpose—to reinvigorate you and inspire you to do the good work you’re already doing!

And remember: it all starts with the why!


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And it all starts with why!

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