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The Power of Words

March 26, 2020


The Power of Words

Words are sticky! Words link to images/stories/emotions/values. We have psychological filters that all touch-points come through. Words can change in meaning through these filters. We can feel energetic, in control and productive or we can feel discouraged and lose focus and have a bad day. 

Words have that kind of power. Take these two lists as examples of how language can make you feel….

Example A

1.     endure

2.     dark times

3.     crash

4.     worse

5.     paralyzed

6.     risk

7.     pandemic

8.     pain

9.     tragedy

10.  challenging

11.  empty

12.  scary times, frightened

13.  turbulent

14.  uncertainty

15.  anxiety

16.  rampant

17.  defeat

Example B

1.     innovate

2.     pivot

3.     engaged

4.     creative

5.     playful

6.     power

7.     generous

8.     wise

9.     visionary

10.  growth

11.  focus

12.  progress

13.  confidence

14.  expand

15.  possibility

16.  transform

17.  strength

18.  new energy

Feel the difference?

The words we use affect our own subconscious, and the message-out may not be the message-in as each human has their own story for their life, day and minute. Each word has an architecture of meaning and the power to lift someone up or push them down unintentionally.

Working from home makes life really-real for some, and choice of words from leaders more critical as those words and intention will be connected to a moment in time and will have a lasting impact!

Let's use our words well!

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