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“The Why” is A Brand’s Greatest Weapon

June 08, 2022


“The Why” is A Brand’s Greatest Weapon

Marketers are facing probably our toughest challenges ever. Even if we think we have designed the perfect campaign, would it matter with the way the world is right now? Can we get our products or services into the hands of our customers? Can we convince them to try our brands?

It’s not hard to see why so many of us are sounding a battle cry and reaching for anything that might give us an edge.

One thing we often overlook, though, is a simple idea. But it’s a powerful one, maybe even the best weapon we have to leverage.

It’s clarity—clarity about our brands.

But what is brand clarity?

Brand clarity is pretty much what it sounds like: a clear understanding of your brand.

Why an understanding and not just a “clear picture” of your brand? A picture is surface level. And, on the surface, almost any brand can look good.

But that surface-level picture doesn’t mean we actually “get” our brands. We often think we do, but we always have to ask ourselves if we understand on a deeper level.

Brand clarity is about that deeper understanding. It asks us three key questions:

·          Who are our customers?

·          What are our values, purpose

·          Why are we here?

Answering these three questions gives us a deeper understanding of what our brand is. If we know who our customers are, then we understand our audience. We can get a better idea of why they choose our brand over any other. At the very least, we can pinpoint who seems to love us, and then we can figure out why.

Like always, then, we have to start with the why!

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